Zubaida Aapa Marne Se Kuch Dair pehly Ki Video |

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Zubaida Aapa Marne Se Kuch Dair pehly Ki Video |

Anwar Maqssod What say Zubaida Aapa Just Before Her Death |
Zubaida Aapa Marne Se Kuch Dair pehly Ki Video |
The last video message of zubaida aapa Life , Zubaida Aapa Last Words Video before Death zubaida apa 2018
Our beloved chef and home remedy expert Zubaida Tariq, commonly referred to as Zubaida Apa, passed away last night at the age of 72. Naturally, shock and grief took over the nation.
Zubaida Tariq

Zubaida Apa made her TV debut in 1996 when she was in her 50s, with her first programme, Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan, soon becoming a widely popular evening engagement.Aapa had nine siblings, including playwright Anwar Maqsood, author and poet Zehra Nigah, designer Sughra Kazmi, and the late Fatima Surraiya Bajiya, a drama writer.
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