Worst Drivers in POLAND #1 (Crash Compilation)

Sh*tty driving in Poland? OF COURSE! Car crashes, idiots behind the wheel, road rage and all kinds of other fails from this beautiful Central European country.

All Accidents are non-fatal. Video is for educational purposes only. Please remember to drive safely and take videos like this as a learning tool!

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Original Videos:
#1 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xwXjGUjlbNVo Uploaded by Jaro B.
#2 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xclotGFMkazI Uploaded by thrask1.
#3 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xIVrfsZtX2Po Uploaded by dreadlock87.
#4 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xyIR9v_dfZl8 Uploaded by rdk rdk.
#5 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xk0w-0sQodyo Uploaded by amg55pn.
#6 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xtZq7RdACASs Uploaded by W taksówce się nie mieści.
#7 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xzBKzU150ISc Uploaded by Jakubasg.
#8 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xY9Lh0f1xmZE Uploaded by maku99.
#9 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xtKfTw0B3KGM Uploaded by KWP Olsztyn.
#10 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xWuvWBJ065NA Uploaded by Anna Wejnarska.
#11 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xR_eng8ynxUU Uploaded by kapslaczek.
#12 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xvQQNa6sVoIc Uploaded by Michał M.
#13 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xZs5aEEF9N2g Uploaded by Lech M.
#14 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xyii0f6k5tes Uploaded by Szymon Doliński.
#15 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_x44I-D1rGgB0 Uploaded by Robert Lep.
#16 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xfQRd2U9Zgso Uploaded by MoreGreatVideos.
#17 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xfvy6Oqu7phw Uploaded by remidr1234.
#18 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xiVg8KTvD8DY Uploaded by Sebastian Mazurek.
#19 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xelRZwCO02c4 Uploaded by kaerel1985.
#20 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xTJzN7SxJh4g Uploaded by Łukasz Ślimak.
#21 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xHh1ZH9al7sI Uploaded by Marek.
#22 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xNE7ce0N7p0s Uploaded by DobaTV.
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#24 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_x8etETGJqqDk Uploaded by varez1.
#25 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xsPGYlD163OY Uploaded by 3Biszkopty.
#26 - http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xU9_q7OHhBUM Uploaded by INTERNEC2012.

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