Welding & Hip Hop Seminar Phoenix Az!

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Artist Black Feniks created this Seminar to help Educate the Millennial's on Welding Independence & Promoting their Hip-Hop. Once he realized the Need for Welders and the Growth of Hip-Hop in the USA. He embraced his skills and talents as a Welder and a Rapper to help teach others how to make money Welding & Promoting their Hip-Hop.

Black Feniks-Frank Lucas http://pkvideo.net/play-video_xp70UqY278Es

1. 3 Myths of Welding.

2. Independence of Welding.

3. Being a Business Individual Product.

Enrollment [email protected]
If you enjoy good Music my New Hip-hop album in stores now.

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Project Manager Joe Brown
[email protected]

I'm 1099 Independent Sub- Contractor. 
Who assist Contractors with their over load using my Ironworking skills, Welding certs ,Tools & Equipment on their Projects.

Specializing in Field Welding!
Stick , Flux Core & Tig. Structural Fabrication, Installation and Erection for Local Contractor's and Fab Shops in the Phoenix Az area.

AWS D1.1 Certified

$25-30 an hour for certified welder / fabricator with tools & PPE.

$45 an hour for a certified welder with a 480/220/120 welder, tools & PPE.

$65 an hour for a certified welder & welders helper with tools, PPE & a 480/220/120 welder.

$65 an hour for a certified welder, tools, PPE & gas welding rig. 

$90 an hour for a certified welder & welders helper with tools, PPE & gas rig.

$1.00 a mile when travelling outside of our metro area.

Pre diem Wages are $125 on lodging and $ 50 a day on meals when traveling.
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