Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts received by Bollywood Actresses from Husband

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in this video i am talking about Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts received by Bollywood Actresses from Husband or most expensive wedding gifts in Bollywood actresses...

#1;Virat Kohli To Anushka Sharma.
#2;Annand Ahuja To Sonam Kapoor.
#3;Raj Kundra To Shilpa Shetty.
#4;Salman Khan To Arpita Khan.
#5;Akshay Kumar To Tawinkle Khanna.
#6;Imran khan To Avantika.
#7;Ajay devgan To Kajol.
#8;Aditya To Rani Mukhrji.
#9;Sanjay Dutt To Manyata.
#10;Amir khan To KIran Rao.
#11; Sidharath To viddiya Ballan.

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