[Technology 26] Listen, you haven’t know about ALBERT EINSTEIN DISCOVERIES fact yet

[Technology 26] Listen, you haven’t know about Albert Einstein Discoveries fact yet

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Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. He received the noble prize in 1921 for his work in the field of physics. Einstein introduced many theories for various different topics that solved centuries-old problem of physics. He is best known for Theory of Relativity and E=mc2, where E is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light that is a constant. The list of his key contribution includes Quantum theory of light, Brownian Movement etc.

Major Discoveries of Albert Einstein:
● General Theory of Relativity: – He introduced a theory that gravity is a curved field in the space time continuum that is created by the existing mass.
● Special Theory of Relativity: – This theory explained that time and motions are relative to their observers if the speed of light remains constant.
● Quantum Theory: – Einstein challenged the wave theory of light. Quantum Theory of Light proposed that light is composed of small packets of energy that are called photons. All these packets have wave like properties.
● Bose-Einstein Condensate: – We all know that there are three states of matter. With another scientist Satyendra Bose, Einstein discovered a different state of matter that is used to cool stuff like superconductors. These indistinguishable particles are known as bosons.
● The Atomic Bomb: – He did not actually invent the atom bomb but his scientific work and discoveries were key principles in the bomb’s development.
● Einstein’s Refrigerator: – It is the least known invention of Albert Einstein. He developed a rough refrigerator design. It used butane, ammonia and water. No energy was required.
● Brownian Movement: – It is one of the best known discoveries of Albert Einstein. He observed the zigzag movement of particles in suspension. This theory helped to prove the existence of atoms and molecules. To derive this equation, he blended ideas from kinetic theory and classical hydro dynamics.
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