Seize Your Business 148 - How to Monetize an Intellectual Property

Brian McDonald, host of Seize Your Business, sits with Randy Micheletti of Incubate IP to discuss the best ways for a small business to protect and monetize their IP and help assure their success.

Subscribe: podcast & videoblog: is hosted by Kevin O’Flaherty, from O’Flaherty Law, and Bryan McDonald from onPurpose Growth.

Unlike other business-oriented podcasts, we will not give you “RA RA!” motivation. The purpose of this podcast is to provide you with actionable strategies and tactics that you can incorporate into your own business immediately.

In every episode, we interview successful business owners and leaders of charities to plunge into the mind of our guest for specific lessons learned in the course of business. In the second half of each episode, we will have that business owner join us for an in-depth discussion of a particular topic apropos to his or her business, and hopefully to yours as well.
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