Rocket League GOALS/FREESTYLES #15! - Top 15 Best Goals, Plays, Funny Moments (Montage)

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Rocket League Rocket League GOALS/FREESTYLES #15! Montage featuring the best goals, best plays, funny moments, aerials, more!
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Rocket League montage/compilation of the best community clips rivaling pros like JHZER, kronovi, and squishy muffinz! Such as 200 IQ plays, celing shots, tornado spins, and other tips/styles of goals. Soon might do best crate openings and saves so stay tuned!
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▶ A montage featuring the best goals, freestyles, and dribbles from pros such as Kronovi, Rizzo, Sizz, Lachinio, Kuxir, Squishy and more:

▶ FULL Playlist for Rocket League tips, tricks, news, updates, and more:
Background Songs by:
▶ Egzod - Mirage (feat. Leo The Kind) [NCS Release]
▶ Disfigure - Blank (HYLO Remix) [NCS Release]
▶ Itro
Rocket League is a game created by Psyonix for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam PC featuring action packed gaming with car socccer and a robust esports scene.

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