Nawaz Sharif Funny speech in USA Insulting Moment for Every Pakistani

Nawaz Sharif funny speech in USA, he acts like a reading a book or newspaper. his attitude and body language defame the people of pakistan. its insulting moment for every pakistani that they select such as Prime Minister.

His acting such like the Uncle Majboor :D

Nawaz Sharif included the Top most Corrupted persons in the World.
Pakistani court removes PM Nawaz Sharif from office in Panama Papers case

A brief Introduction of Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani business magnate and politician who served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan from 2013 until disqualification for life by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2017. He had previously served as the Prime Minister twice in the 90s (1990–93 and 1997–99) and the Chief Minister of Punjab from 1985 to 1990. He is Pakistan's longest-serving prime minister.

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US President meet with Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif Secret Meeting with US President, Nawaz Sharif Funny Press Conference in USA, UK , London.

Nawaz Sharif Father of GOd Mafia, Gangster, Nawaz Sharif Most Corrupted Person. Reply to NAwaz sharif " Mujy kiun Nikala"vKiun, Q Nikala Mujy :D

Top 10 Most Corrupted and Criminal People in the World

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