Meri Guriya Episode 3 & 4 - 11th July 2018 - ARY Digital Drama

The story of Meri Guriya is based on the brutal truth of our society that is ‘child abuse’ that we refuse to talk about or discuss in our society. There is an increase in the victims in recent years, and there is a dire need to create awareness about this social issue. It is inspired by a real-life incident.

Shehnaz, played By Sania Saeed, is a headstrong mother who loves her daughters and believes in giving them the best education. Despite her mother-in-law’s continuous taunts, she keeps fighting for her daughters.

Shahmeer, played by Sajid Hassan, works as a clerk. He loves his daughters but is silent and refrains to express love due to his mother.

They have three daughters, and they belong to a lower-middle-class family. They barely make the ends meet,  but they still are living as a happy family.

Atiqa, played by Esha, Arisha, played by Samia and Abida, played by Bakhtawar, are the three daughters of Shehnaz and Shahmeer. The two elder daughters go to school while Abida goes to a Madressa.

Safeena, played by Sonya Hussyn, is the State level badminton champion. In spite of her forced marriage to Dabeer, she continues to pursue her dreams. After her marriage, she befriends Shehnaz’s daughters.

Dabeer, played by Mohsin Abbas Haider, lives in the same neighborhood as Shahmir’s family. He is generally liked by all in the neighborhood. But behind that innocent face, lives an evil man. Married against their will. They decide to live their lives the way they want after their marriage without any interference from each other.

The innocent Abida becomes the next target of the gang that kidnaps young girls, abuses them and eventually kills them.

Sharifan, played by Ayesha Khan Sr. and Jahan Ara, played by Maria Khan are the mother and sister of Shahmir respectively. A traditional mother and a divorcee sister depend on Shahmir and have no other support.

The caretaker, pillar of strength, comforter and guardian of the family; Shehnaz, fights for justice till the very end, making this drama necessary to watch, especially in the recent times.

Directed By: Ali Hassan

Written By: Radain Shah


Sania Saeed
Mohsin Abbas Haider
Sonya Hussyn
Sajid Hassan
Ayesha Khan Sr.
Maria Khan
Bakhtawar (child star)
Samia (child star)
Esha (child star)
Shaista Jabeen
Faris Shafi and others.
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