Khasara Episode 15 & 16 - Top Pakistani Drama

Sonia Mishal as Sila, is a small town simple girl aspire to attain an upscale lifestyle.

Junaid Khan as Moonis is Sila’s loving husband is a railway employee at Ranipur who is happy with his life.

Sila and Moonis is a lovely couple that lives a simple life with their small income yet enjoying the life to fullest. Sila gets envious of Moonis’ friend Mohtasim’s affluent life.

Sarwat Gilani as Linta, is Mohtasim‘s rich and spoiled wife who likes to show off her money and power.

Mikaal Zulfiqar as Mohtasim, is an opportunist husband of Linta and friend of Moonis. Always driving things for his gains.

Sila in search of a better future comes too far away, ignoring her family. Mohtasim proposes Sila for marriage and now she is on the verge to decide between love and money.

Written by:

Maha Malik

Directed By:

Shahid Shafaat


Mikaal Zulfiqar
Sarwat Gilani
Junaid Khan
Sonia Mishal
Hajra Khan
Hassam Khan
Kiran Ashfaq
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