Kasak Rahay Ge | Episode 25 | TV One Drama

Kasak Rahay Ge Episode 25 TV One Drama 12 April 2019

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Starring : Noor Hassan, Sakina Sammo, Zainab Ahmed, Faizan Khwaja, Adla Khan

Writer : Seema Munaf

Director : Furqan T Siddique

Executive Producer : Seema Taher Khan

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After the loss of their parents, Rabiya and Fasih are adopted by their kind aunt Nasira Begum. But her handsome, arrogant son Daniyal treats them like poor relatives. Later when Daniyal is forced to marry Rabiya he treats her harshly for which he is often rebuked by his mother. But a twist in the story emerges when his brother in law Fasih gets married to the beautiful but selfish Iman who instantly wins Daniyal’s heart. Now both decide to take a major decision that could ruin many lives.
Will Nasira let Daniyal divorce Rabiya? Will Fasih let Iman go?

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