JUNIOR G Ep. 10 | Kids Fantasy Serial (2016) | Superhero Tv Serial For Kids

Synopsis:-Episode --10
Junior G, after defeating Metal Man moves ahead. Captain Killer comes on his way and challenges him. Junior G hypnotizes Captain Killer and makes him his servant. He uses him and reach up to the den of Miss Magneto where the stolen Missile as well as the arrested commandos are kept. Miss Magneto becomes happy to see Junior G that her prey itself has entangled in is its net. She doesn't know that Junior G is a possessor of divine powers and why God has given life to people like her. He defeats Miss Magneto badly. On the other side Fumancho is busy in a new game plan with the evil princess Alfa of Tankeela planet. The whole country praises Junior G again. He gets the missile and commandos free from the possession of enemies.

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