imran khan speech Last 7 Minutes 29-4-18 Jalsa - Golden Words - ایسے سنہرے حروف جو تاریخ یاد رکھے گی

April 29 Minar-E-Pakistan Jalsa Highlights
The man who stood tall withstanding 43 degrees celcius temperature all day was Senator Faisal Javed Khan, the voice of PTI. As the stage-secretary of this mega event, he gave a performance that will be remembered for years to come. Keeping such huge crowd engaged and enthusiastic is task that requires conviction and skill. Faisal knows so much about the history of PTI and having led Jalsa on stage for so many years, he has mastered the art of engaging the audience. The flow of the event was very good. The video he presented on Imran Khan's 22 year old struggle brought tears to the eyes. What we witnessed will never be forgotten and then his signature style to introduce Imran Khan to the podium was second to none, he was the life of the Jalsa and did full justice with the title of stage secretary.

Title: imran khan speech Last 7 Minutes - Golden Words - ایسے سنہرے حروف جو تاریخ یاد رکھے گی
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