History of Pakistan # 41 | End of Kargil between Pakistan & India | By Faisal Warraich

Here you'll learn about the last days of #Kargil conflict, a documentary film from #DekhoSunoJano presented by #FaisalWarraich . First part of the #Kargil story was released in the previous Episode #40.

This episode is about two and a half months of 1999 (May, June and July) when the crisis was at its peak. Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee were involved in a crisis that almost forced them to go nuclear, but fortunately, the intervention of US President Bill Clinton and the Chinese Premier brought this to an end. All the events and information provided in this video is based upon the narration of the actual characters and researchers from authentic books. The information is quoted with accurate references all along. Sources of this information are also clearly depicted at the end of the video. Dekho Suno Jano does not own the content of these books or sources and that's why not responsible for any inaccuracy in the described books or any other source.

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