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►Upbeat Background Music For Upbeat Videos | Background Music For Videos, youtubers, vlogs, racing, motivational workouts

►Purchase a license to get full rights to use on your video, and download a high-quality version here: https://bit.ly/urbanx24

►‘Urban X’ is a Heavy hard hitting hip hop, with energy and heavy bass for high paced applications. https://bit.ly/urbanx24

►Composed by Case Boogie for District 24 Music https://bit.ly/D24MUSIC

►To preview more tracks by District 24 Music, please visit our Pond5 profile at: https://bit.ly/D24Pond5

Web: https://www.District24music.com
pond5: https://bit.ly/D24Pond5
Spotify: https://bit.ly/D24spotify
Apple Music: https://bit.ly/D24applemusic


- Can I use this music in my videos?

To use this music in your YouTube videos or media, you must first purchase a license from the link above. You can then show that you have rights to use the music should you receive a copyright claim or if you plan to monetize your channel as a YouTube partner. This is very important, as it will prevent any possible strikes against your YouTube channel or videos.

- Doesn't royalty-free music mean I can use it for free?

'Royalty-free' music is not the same as 'free music'. This is a common misconception on the Internet, and especially here on YouTube.

Simply put, it means that royalties don't have to be paid to the creator each and every time it's used (ie. free of royalties); but instead, a one-time fixed fee is paid, which is via a license purchase. You can read further into what "royalty-free music" means here: https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/what...

- Can't I just give you credit in my videos, instead of buying a license?

Unfortunately, no. Just giving credit to us in your videos doesn't protect you from copyright infringement in accordance to international law. A license is required to show YouTube that you have the proper rights to use our music on your videos, which is also needed if you're looking to become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.

- The license is shown in US Dollars, but I live outside of the US?

You can purchase the license in your local currency, as this is converted to the equivalent amount during the payment process.
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