Crime Alert Episode 68 ''Vishwasghaat"

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About Episode :
Today’s story about Mohan. He lives with his Mother and wife Vibha. Suddenly a character named Sangeeta enters in their life and things goes complicated. Mohan had an extra marital affair with Sangeeta. But no one can hide the love for the long time so one day Vibha and Mohan’s mother knows the truth about their relation. After that Mohan’s mother decides to eject him from the property. But the turning point of the story is that Sangeeta loves Mohan for his Property. Yes!! It was not true love. After knowing the truth about Sangeeta, what will Mohan do? To find out, watch the full episode.

About Crime Alert :
Crime Alert is an Indian crime television series aired by Dangal TV Channel owned by Enterr10 TV Pvt. Ltd. The series is based on real crime story which covers crime incidents across all over India.
It shows the story of victims struggle and the order to get justice for their sufferings. The motive of the show is, aware public to the crime and encourage to stop the crime. The show is being successfully broadcast since more than a years on the Dangal Channel.
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