City by the Sea - The Future of Karachi's Coastline (Urdu)

The current development projects along Karachi's coast are having an adverse effect on its residents and the environment. Mangroves that are a barrier against storms and cyclones, and nurseries for migratory birds, fish and crustaceans are being cut down by the timber mafia with abandon. Industrial and domestic sewage by the city's 18 million inhabitants is released untreated into the sea, causing great harm to fishing communities and coastal wetlands. And yet, grand mega projects like "Diamond Bar Island City" and "Sugar Land City" are being planned on more than 68,000 acres along the coast, while the needs of the city's original inhabitants are being neglected.

This documentary explores alternatives to haphazard development along Karachi's coastline in light of the basic principles of urban planning.

Producers: Shehri CBE and Getz Pharma Pakistan

Watch the English version here:
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