Cheekh Episode 7 Teaser Promo Review | ARY Digital Drama #MRNOMAN

Cheekh Episode 6 & 7 Teaser Promo Review ARY Digital Drama #Cheekh #ARYDIGITAL #MRNOMAN

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Cheekh Episode 06:
Cheekh Episode 07 Teaser:

Cheekh Drama Complete Story. Last Episode

There are rare examples of women raising voice for justice, against their own family. Cheekh is the journey of a woman who fights for justice for her closest friend.

Mannat, played by the immensely talented Saba Qamar, is a strong-headed and outspoken girl and believes in speaking the truth at all times.

Wajih, played by the heartthrob, Bilal Abbas Khan, is a sharp and cunning man who knows how to manipulate any situation to suit himself.

Yawer, played by the versatile, Aijaz Aslam, is the older brother of Wajih, Shayan and Haya. He can go to any extent to protect his family.

Shayan, played by the handsome, Emmad Irfani, is the middle brother. He is married to Mannat and is a loving husband who supports her even when she stands against his family.

Haya, played by the beautiful, Azekah Daniel, is the youngest sibling of Yawer, Shayan and Wajih.

Nayab, played by the stunning, Ushna Shah, is a sweet and innocent girl who is in love with Wajih, Haya’s older brother. Mannat is very close to her two best friends, Haya and Nayab.

Ramzan, played by the veteran actor, Noor Ul Hasan, is Nayab’s father and Shamsa, played by Saima Qureshi, is her stepmother.

Directed By: Badar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah


Saba Qamar,
Aijaz Aslam,
Bilal Abbas Khan,
Emmad Irfani,
Ushna Shah,
Azekah Daniel,
Maira Khan.
Naiyer Ejaz.

MR NOMAN ALEEM is a first Pakistani Drama Analyst and Social Motivator. The main purpose of reviews is to promote our TV Drama industry and link the topics shown in dramas I.e Suicide/Fights and Relationship issues to a perfect solution or motivation. We do vote between top Pakistani dramas and select them for #MRNOMAN Reviews. Once the drama is selected then we discuss each episode's positive and negative aspects to guide artist and viewer both. You are always welcome to criticize where you do not agree so that we may enhance the benchmark of our reviews.

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