Best Solution for Adding a Pocket Clip to an Old Knife? Try Clip Slip

If you've ever wanted to pocket carry an older traditional folding knife without a pocket clip, the Collector Knives Tuscany Leather Clip Slip is a great easy solution. The high quality mini leather sheath comes in two sizes to accommodate large and small knives, and keeps them easy and tactical near the top of the pocket like the good Lord Lynn Thompson intended. So don't donate, throw away, or give your grandpas knife to a stupid person- keep it and use it- because one day you're gonna be old too. This review measures and weighs both clip slips, shows them in the pocket and gives a list of popular knives that'll fit. You'll see a Swiss Army Knife, a Leatherman PST II, a Douk Douk, a Case Sodbuster, a camillus Boy Scout Knife, a higo no kami, a Laguiole, A opinel no. 8 and more.

Collector Knives Clip Slip:

Higo no Kami XL:
Douk Douk Large:
Victorinox Tinker:
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