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‘Bay Dardi’ highlights this issue in a very dramatic manner, revolving around the story of Shafay, who is an AIDS victim without knowing the fact that how it has happened to him.

Shafay is a simple, sober and well-cultured young lad. He belongs to a very decent family and is living in a hostel for studies, where he meets Rohail (the only bad influence in his life). Rohail is a characterless guy having inappropriate relations with other girls and is unaware of the fact that he is an AIDS Victim. Rohail uses the shaving razor of Shafay and hence transmitting the disease to this poor guy.

Bia is an innocent middle class girl, suffering from a trauma of her sister’s suicide and thinks of Rohail and Shafay as the culprits. Later on it reveals on her that Shafay has nothing to do with this mishap and eventually they both fall in love with each other.

Memona is the dominating mother of Shafay, who is in opposition to his marriage proposal for Bia.

Memona gets to known of Shafay’s disease before him, as she was collecting all his reports and concealed the truth from him.

She has a vicious plan for Shafay and Bia’s marriage. She agrees on this marriage proposal and later on impeaches her for her character and declares her the reason of this AIDS transmission to her son.

Even Shafay believes what his mother says, and no one has the courage to trust Bia against these false allegations.

What will be the fate of their relationship? Can Bia prove her innocence in front of the entire world?

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Written by
Shagufta Bhatti

Directed by
Ahmed Bhatti


Bushra Ansari
Behroz Subzwari
Sana Fakhar
Kashif Mehmood
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