Accidental inventions in science

Science and technology was discovered years ago.Science is a field of observation, conducting experiment, assumption, curiosity, and it is all about failure and success.Many inventions was performed and some of them were failed and due to this failure ,some new invention was accidentally discovered like,

1.The Microwave

Percy Spencer was an American engineer who, while working for Raytheon, walked in front of a magnetron, a vacuum tube used to generate microwaves, and noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket melted. In 1945 after a few more experiments (one involving an exploding egg), Spencer successfully invented the first microwave oven. The first models were a lot like the early computers: bulky and unrealistic. In 1967, compact microwaves would begin filling American homes.

2.The Big Bang

The secret to discovering the prevailing theory to how the universe was made began with noise, like common radio static. In 1964, while working with the Holmdel antenna in New Jersey, the two astronomers discovered a background noise that left them perplexed. After ruling out possible interference from urban areas, nuclear tests, or pigeons living in the antenna, Wilson and Penzias came across an explanation with Robert Dicke's theory that radiation leftover from a universe-forming big bang would now act as background cosmic radiation.

In fact, only 37 miles from the Holmdel antenna at Princeton University, Dicke and his team had been searching for this background radiation. When he heard the news of Wilson and Penzias' discovery, he famously told his research partners, "well boys, we've been scooped." Penzias and Wilson would go on to receive the Nobel Prize. For more details visit
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