Accident Prevention Safety

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Accident Prevention Safety
Active Monitoring
Proactive or per-accident strategies are concerned with the prevention of accidents incident & ill health. They include the implementation of well-established, safe place & safe person strategies dealt with later.
Reactive Monitoring
Reactive monitoring on the other hand involves a number of post accident strategies directed at identifying the causes of accidents & ill health and obtaining feedback for incorporation in future proactive strategies. The reporting recoding & investigation of accidents is a common reactive strategy.
Accident Definitions
It would be appropriate at this stage to define what is meant by an accident: An unplanned & uncontrolled event which has led to or could have caused injury to persons, damage to plant or other loss (Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents) An undesired event that result in physical harm to a person or damage to property. It is usually the result of contact with source of energy i.e Kinetic, electrical, chemical, thermal, ionizing, radiation, non-ionizing radiation etc) above the threshold limit of the body or structure (Frank Bird, Executive Director, American Institute of Loss Control).
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