50 Facts You Didn't Know About Sanjay Dutt | SANJU

This time 5ocial brings you a fact finding video on Sanjay Dutt. This video will showcase everything you need to know about the famous Bollywood actor, and what all has happened in his life.

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Sanju | Official Trailer | Ranbir Kapoor | Rajkumar Hirani | Releasing on 29th June
Kar Har Maidaan Fateh | Ranbir Kapoor |Paresh Rawal|Manisha Koirala |Sukhwinder Singh|Shreya Ghoshal
Sanju Maidaan Fateh
Sanju Freind Kamlesh
SANJU: Ranbir Kapoor to Sanjay Dutt - The Transformation | Rajkumar Hirani | In Cinemas Now
Ranbir Kapoor Transformation

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