40 tourists fall in River || Neelum as bridge collapses || Nala Jagran | Neelum Valley

40 tourists fall in River || Neelum as bridge collapses || Nala Jagran | Neelum Valley

وادی نیلم ، نالہ جلگراں میں افسوس واقع ہوا ہے ۔ ایک پرانے اور خستہ پل پر 40 افراد جو کہ پنجاب سے سیرو تفریح کے لئے کشمیر گئے ہوئے تھے ۔ پل کے ٹوٹنے سے دریا میں بہہ گئے ہیں ۔ باقی خبر ویڈیو میں دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔

The Muzaffarabad deputy commissioner said more than 40 people fell into the water. Antique Bridge Broken Due to Over Loaded. 35 to 40 Tourist Fell in to the jagran Nalaa 4 Died on spot 16 Recovered Rescue Operation Continue.

Police and army personnel participated in the rescue operation.

Police officials said these tourists stopped to take pictures on the bridge, located in Nala Jagran area of the region, when it collapsed as it could not withstand the pressure.

Neelum Valley is a popular tourist spot, especially in summers. A large number of people from in and outside of Pakistan head to the destination spot because of its cool weather and scenic beauty.

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