3-in-1 Best Bottle Brush Cleaning Set | 3Pc Baby Sports Bottles Cleaner Kit with Nipple Brush

✔️ BEST BOTTLE BRUSH SET: particularly for baby bottles. Brush set washes the inside of all bottle including very narrow neck bottles
✔️ BEST DETAIL & NIPPLE BRUSH: 2-in-1 nipple brush and soft silicone scraper gets gunk out to keep your child and family bottles clean and sanitary
✔️ DEEP CLEAN BOTTLES: Straw brush and detail nipple brush gets into nooks and crannies. Keep bottles clean and hygienic for your family.
✔️ BPA FREE & NON-TOXIC: Free from toxic chemicals and unhealthy materials. Dishwasher safe.
✔️ WORKS FOR: stanley thermos, beer bottle, carboy brush, glass jars, water bottles, EZ Cap bottles, pitchers, carafes, sauce jar, sodastream
Dear Consumer,

Thank you for your interest in The Crown Choice Baby Bottle Brush Set 3-in-1 Cleaner.

We've listened to your feedback and have created a this baby bottle brush cleaning set to fit all NARROW neck babys bottles as well as the straw brush and nipple brush to keep bottles sanitary.

Deep clean the bottle insider with our best bottle cleaner. The brush is FLEXIBLE (not stiff). Makes it easy to reach all inside sides of the bottle with less effort. You can clean all sorts of bottles, thermo hydroflask jars, carboys and anything with small tight openings.

The long bottel handle makes it easy to grip. When you have those baby bottles to clean, you'll be glad the brush is easy to hold and sturdy.

For best results, use this brush with the included nipple brush, silicone scraper and straw brush.

Thank you!

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