10 Unbelievable Mummy Discoveries HD

10 Unbelievable Mummy Discoveries HD
From unreal extinct cat mummies, to evidence and discovery of Irish Bog Mummies; These are 10 UNBELIEVABLE Mummy Discoveries !

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11. Extinct Cat Mummy
Mummies are some of the best pieces of historical remains archaeologists can find and they tell us quite a bit about history. Preserved remains of organisms can tell us things about burial rituals, what kind of food they ate and the type of clothing wore during certain eras. But also, mummies of different organisms can help us discover new species. The unbelievable remains we see here, of a rare species of cat was discovered in central turkey in February of 2016, and you can tell the fangs make it look as though it’s not a house cat! It’s said to measure about 3 feet long and is naturally mummified. A 3 foot cat is not something you normally see running around someone’s house. Experts have failed to identify the species of the cat but they’re pretty sure it’s extict. What do you think this creature is?

10. Mammoth Discovery

9. 1 Million Mummy Discovery

8. Otzi Discoveries

7. Tollund Man

6. Irish Bog Mummies

5. Ramses the Great
The most well-known mummies certainly come from the country of Egypt and we should consider ourselves lucky to have found the mummy of Ramses the Great who was one of the most influential pharaohs of Egypt. Ramses’ mummy is found in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo but was originally discovered in the Deir el-Bahari. Due to grave robbers, in ancient egyptian times, his father decided to move his body from the Valley of the Kings to this location. Ramses completed monuments such as Abu Simbel, established prosperous cities, and was a military genius. Being able to have his mummy still in tact is a significant discovery to preserve history.

4. Incan Mummies
Strangely enough, the incas also had very similar sacrificial rituals similar to the European ones we mentioned earlier in this video. And we know this thanks to uncovering mummies in the Andes mountains. This 500 year old frozen mummy was discovered in Argentina, seems to be of an adolescent girl who researchers believed had tuberculosis. Besides the mummy itself, another remarkable thing about this find is that it preserved the clothing she was wearing, which gives us well preserved and also hairstyles at that time. It’s believed that the Incas would select a beautiful child from different villages, sedate them with herbal potions, and leave them in the Andes mountains as a method of sacrifice.

3. Inuit Baby Mummy
When researchers came across this mummy in Greenland, they had originally thought it was a doll of some type. It turns out they were completely wrong and it was the body of a baby. But that wasn’t all they had discovered. There were essentially 6 woman stacked on top of each other as we can tell in this illustration and the mass tomb also contained clothing from seals, reindeer, and other items which displayed fashion around 1475 AD. The baby placed on top appeared to show signs of down syndrome, was buried alive and was the only boy found here. Finding the mummies alone isn’t exactly enough information why but as we’ve seen from other cultures, it could have some type of traditional reasons. The icy conditions of Greenland were enough to preserve the bodies and the ones around it.

2. Hatshepsut’s Mummy
Queen Hatshepsut was Egypt’s first ruling female pharaoh nearly 3500 years ago and completely the amazing mortuary temple which displays nearly perfect symmetry. She was more powerful than Cleopatra or nefertiti The discovery of her mummy was a massive fi nd for egyptology and we can finally put a real face to all the glorious accomplishments. After discovering her mummy, they determined that she had problems with her teeth and also diabetes at the age of 50. They believe that it’s her mummy because of the way her arms are positioned which signify royalty. However Zahi Hawass doesn’t believe it’s true because she was too large to match written records.

1.Chinese Noblesse Discovery
Finally we venture off the the continent of Asia for our final discovery. This one dates back to 700 AD and she was discovered 6 feet underground as chinese road workers made the discovery. This mummy is remarkably preserved to the point where her eyebrows are still preserved. It’s not exactly sure what it was that preserved her body but she was found submerged in some Thank for watching! Please Help Me get 100K Subscribers on Youtube
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