#1 Police Helicopter Futuristic Air Robot Battle-Android Game

Prepare yourself for thrilling robot police helicopter Game adventure, where police helicopter robot has to accomplish helicopter rescue missions and fight with futuristic grand robots as a flying robot transforming police helicopter for crime city in amazing war environment in this amazing police X robot transformation helicopter game .

In this robot transformation game, the enemy robot helicopter or vigilant iron robot with futuristic super cars and futuristic grand robots will be enter in the grand city and spread threat in the city So get involved various city rescue missions against real robot or highly destructive robot flash superhero accompanied by their vicious leader flying robot having deadly police robot helicopter air battle simulator to expand robot wars or deadliest epic wars in beautifully designed big city or survival city. This police helicopter air robot transformation robot battle is a challenging 3D helicopter transformation robot game. This is specially designed for the fans and lovers of the police helicopter simulator games, police helicopter super robotic battle games, police helicopters and other police robot warriors games.

Game Play of Police helicopter futuristic air robot battle:

The game play of this muscle police helicopter robot transformation robot Game is very interesting and different from other police helicopter rescue robot war games ,Its a combo of fighting games because in this game you have chance to fight with different futuristic grand robots, Helicopter and super robot cars, You as a police robot need to fight with all enemies and destroy them. You can also transform into the police helicopter with transformation robot animation and can enjoy the air battle with enemies helicopter So press the transformation robot button to enjoy the air robot battle, As a US police helicopter transformation robot hero ,its also yours duty to destroy the area of crime city. You can also enjoy the flash speed by pressing the flash speed button.

There are total 10 multiple combat action pack levels of this police helicopter rescue robot war game and You’ll have full control of police robot helicopter air battle and you can show the people of the whole futuristic city as a real robot in this police helicopter super robotic battle that you are an incredible super robot and have the combat skills to save the city from violence in such a robot war games.

Features of Police helicopter futuristic air robot battle Game:

• Transformation Robot animation of Police helicopter into robot and robot to police helicopter.
• Fight with Different enemies like Futuristic grand robots, Super Robot cars, Flying Helicopters and gangster.
• Enjoy Different Controls of police robot Helicopter.
• Futuristic HD, 3D graphics of real robot.
• Missiles, gunship helicopter, combat shoot, gun fight, fire shoot and physics skills.
• Realistic sound effects of police helicopter shooting.

In Police helicopter futuristic air robot battle Game you will get engaged in city rescue duty in beautifully designed futuristic city or realistic big city as flash speed superhero robot along deadly war robot with flight simulator or helicopter simulator along with advanced flying simulator in various robot shooting missions of robot wars in Gangsters city environment. If you love Futuristic Grand robots, Super robot fighting games, futuristic games, survival games, police robot helicopter games, shooting games, robot transformation robot police helicopter games then Check out this new flying robot transforming police helicopter air battle game.

In this Super flying police robot battle game you can shoot missile on futuristic grand robots, and helicopters when you are in the state of police robot helicopter in this robot fighting game. Futuristic robot helicopter war are here so download this game enjoy War robots free game.


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